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Most business frustrations are a result of broken processes!

Why document processes?

  • Are you working long hours in your business, but you can’t seem to keep on top of everything?
  • Are you so caught up in the day-to-day that you can’t find time to go after sales opportunities?
  • Are you doing a lot of tasks you HATE or you’re not good at?

Do you wish your business could run smoothly without you being there, so you can focus on growing your profits?

You know how you want your business to run, you just need to get that knowledge out of your head and documented!

When you start to document your key tasks the way you want them done, your team will know exactly how to deliver the same great results, every time.

Process documentation is necessary so that you can identify ways to make your business run more effectively, helping you to achieve the following results:

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Happier customers and employees

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Reduce time spent fixing issues

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Improved revenue and profits

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Focus on growing your business

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Create time and freedom for yourself!

The Simply Processes METHOD

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what area causes you the most frustration in your business

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the ideal end result of how you'd like this area to work

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the steps which describe the current process for this area

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the problem areas in your current process

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these areas then work out and document the best process to achieve the required results

Improving your processes will have a significant impact on your business results.


The Simply Processes Method delivers results-focused process improvement using a fully online approach (e.g. teleconferences, emails), via the following options:

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Option 1: Improve One Process

For the business area which causes you the most frustration, use the 'Simply Processes' method above to deliver the result you want, every time.

What you get from us:

  • Initial discovery consultation
  • Consultation to capture and measure key steps in your current process
  • A simple process map of your current process
  • Consultation to discuss ways to eliminate/improve steps
  • Call to deliver final new results-driven process map and handover plan

Option 2: One-on-One Online Coaching

If you have several business frustrations, we help you resolve these and transform your business by coaching you on how to define a clear goal for your business and how to build the processes you need to get you there, using the 'Work The System' method.

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Option 3: Done-For-You Online Consulting

If you have several business frustrations, but you don't have the time to transform your business via coaching alone, an expert can manage the transformation from start to finish for you, helping you define a clear goal for your business and working with your entire team to build the processes you need to get you there, using the 'Work The System' method.

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Why we choose to work online with you, as opposed to face-to-face:

  • calls can be more easily scheduled to fit in around your diary, and can be broken up as required
  • costs are lower than for face-to-face meetings, which you will benefit from
  • some are more comfortable in a virtual meeting
  • online teleconferencing is easy to use, comes with useful brainstorming tools, and can be recorded
  • discussions are held in small groups of no more than 10 people, who can be in different locations
  • we can work with businesses all over the world

Do you simply have a small process to capture, which could be done in a few hours?

Feel free to ask us - no process is too small!

About the Founder

Sharon Cully, owner of Simply Processes, has broad, international experience with leading brands in five blue chip FMCG companies, including Coca-Cola, Diageo and GlaxoSmithKline. She has a consistent, proven track record of successfully employing best practices and process improvement methods to increase performance and minimize inventory and operating costs, while meeting customer objectives. During process improvement work with clients, Sharon also uses her expertise in building authentic, collaborative relationships, improving communication and applying problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles to success.

Simply Processes was created to leverage Sharon's extensive knowledge in larger corporations to help smaller companies gain control over their business processes, creating greater freedom and increased revenue for the entrepreneur.

Sharon is a Work The System-certified Consultant, a method which has been successfully applied to over 700 small businesses worldwide. She is also a Trainual Certified Consultant.

You can find out more about Sharon Cully on her LinkedIn page.


“I've found I really enjoy working on improving ‘broken processes’, as they're a source of so much frustration and time-wasting activities. I get a kick out of making people's work lives easier and more productive.” Sharon

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Watch, listen to or read what Sharon has to say about all things process-related.



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